Position Title: Peer Counselor                                     

 Department: Warming Center

REPORTS TO: CARE Center Director

Position Type: Part Time

Pay Scale: $15-16 Hourly

AGENCY: GRIP is an interfaith, multi-cultural coalition of 41-member congregations – Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikhs – working together to address critical issues of human dignity and social justice in West Contra Costa County. For over 50 years GRIP has been providing services and shelter to the Contra Costa homeless population. We currently operate three core programs serving homeless families.

GENERAL PURPOSE. Under supervision of the CARE Center Director, Warming Center Peer Counselor provides support to people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity who enter the Warming Center. In collaboration with the Coordinated Entry System of Contra Costa County, the goal of support services is to assist individuals experiencing homelessness to obtain safety from harmful elements that result from sleeping in uninhabitable places.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. In general, the Warming Center Peer Counselor is responsible for the safety and supervision of consumers who use Warming Center Overnight services in the GRIP Facility.


Specific duties include, but are not limited to:


  1. Welcome and record attendance for participants, and supervise participant movement.
  1. Maintain a safe, friendly, supportive and inviting environment.
  2. Work compassionately with those who have difficulty engaging with service providers.
  3. Effectively resolve conflicts among participants and de-escalate potentially violent situations.
  4. Monitor participant activities and food distribution.
  5. Responsible for setup of Warming Center services including handing out bedding and other amenities.
  6. Ensure participants adhere to rules, especially related to behaviors that are unsafe – if necessary, notifying public safety personnel to help with clients who exhibit inappropriate or unsafe behaviors.
  7. Respond appropriately to emergencies.
  8. Maintain daily recordkeeping and reports.
  9. Ensure facility is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion.
  10. Provide information to supervisor after each shift regarding the number of participants, any need for supplies, incident reports, etc.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


High School Diploma

1. Ability to work effectively with homeless individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

  1. Interest in helping volunteers and participants feel welcome while insuring a safe environment.
  2. Willing to work when called for duty.
  3. Ability to develop rapport, provide information, and refer with sensitivity to cultural issues.
  4. Display a high level of initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently.
  5. Possess excellent time management skills and the ability to work with minimum supervision.
  6. Preferred previous experience with social services and/or homeless programs.

Requisite Skills:
1. Must pass a criminal, driving background, and fingerprint background check.
2. Experience using Microsoft Office Suite, or equivalent, particularly Word and Excel, preferred.
3. Must be sensitive to client and volunteer needs and be able to manage multiple priorities.
4. Must conform to HIPPA regulations regarding client confidentiality.
5. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with and support diverse faith communities.
6. Effectively communicate with and relate to diverse, multi-ethnic, homeless, and low-income adults and children with multiple barriers.
7. Knowledge and awareness of City of Richmond/Contra Costa County programs and services a plus.
8. Committed to the mission of the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program.

  • This is a Benefited Position.

We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

APPLICATION: Email current cover letter, and resume to: njones@gripcommunity.org